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Coupon List for Trading

August 22nd, 2006 at 06:51 am

I am excited I spent yesterday getting my coupons all listed into a database on my site. You don't realize how many coupons you have until you put them in a spread sheet form. I have hundreds if not close to a thousand coupons.

I am doing a coupon exchange (free...benefits both of us) you send me unexpired coupons in a SASE and I send you back the coupons you were looking for.

I have people sending coupons from all over the US so it gives a wide variety of coupons available.

The only thing I am really lacking in is diaper, wipes, and formula coupons. If you have some and would like to trade let me know.

Or if you just want to check out my list of coupons up for trade here is the link:
coupons to trade

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