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Got Me Thinking!

August 15th, 2006 at 11:25 am

Right now we are a one car family. Yep, my husband's truck is still not fixed.

I have gone through a range of emotions with only have one car. In a way I am happy because at least we still have a car to fall back on, it would be really awful if my husband's truck was our only vehicle. Also, we are spending less because we do not need to pay for gas for the truck. I need to go grocery shopping and just haven't had the time with only one car so I have been getting creative with some of the left overfood and can goods I have on hand.

I guess in reality there are many things we can do without we are just no always happy about it.

The list of other things I would miss if I could no longer afford to buy them:
Green Mountain Coffee
Diet Pepsi
Cascade Complete Gel
cable tv
Charmin Toilet Paper

I could do without all of those things but they would be missed.


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