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Part II of Hard Day

August 1st, 2006 at 08:15 am

Back from the Vets, Bailey has lipoma (small cyst full of fat) on his belly. I guess it is fairly common, they don't hurt, they can get larger, and he can develop more than one.

Sounds pretty simple right? This information was not explained to me so simply I had to pry for it.

When the doctor came in the examing room she touched the cyst on his belly said that she should aspirate it and check the fluid under the microscope but most likely it is lipoma. Then she said, "Let me check Bailey's teeth while we have him under to remove the cyst we can clean his teeth also."

My response: "Hold on, one I have already had a quote to clean his teeth and it is $300, he will never be getting his teeth cleaned. Two we don't even know what the cyst is I am not about to discuss removing it until you are able to identify what it is."

Vet: "Okay, let's aspirate it, if it is just clear, oily fluid, I don't even need to put it under the microscope it is most certainly lipoma."

-Vet took a sample and put it on the slide it was clear, oily liquid.

Vet: Definitely, lipoma you may want to get it removed.

My Response: "Why does it need to come out is it hurting him? If I have it taken out could he still get more?"

Vet: It is not hurting him and I have seen dogs with ten to twenty of these things, in fact my dog has one about the size of a baseball.

My Response: "Okay, it is not hurting him and your own dog has one yet you want me to pay to get it taken out."

Vet: "Well it is something to think about. If it is because you are worried about paying for it we could set up a finance plan for you."

My Response: "It is not that I can't pay for it, but it sounds very impractical to even consider taking it out at this point. The six years that I have owned this dog things have seemed to get progressively worse in the "Vet World" seems like you guys prey on people's love for their pets and encourage things that are just plain not necessary.

Vet: "I can understand why you would feel that way but if you decide you want it out here is a quote for the surgery."

Cost of surgery: $618.36

Is that not insane!

7 Responses to “Part II of Hard Day”

  1. ima saver Says:

    Are you serious?? I took my dog to the vet teaching hospital in athens, ga to have surgery. She was there, under constant care, for 4 months. The charge was $900. I also had my last poodle's teeth cleaned and it was less than $100 plus they had to do some extractions. Not all vets charge like that.

  2. sarah4554 Says:

    Ima Saver - that is really good to know. I have taken my dogs to two separate vets and I have felt that each of them was way to expensive. I will have to look into if there is a vet teaching hospital in my area. Thanks for the advice!!!

  3. Dido Says:

    Lipomas are nothing to worry about, as I'm sure you'll find out if you check around on the web. I'm a basset owner and bassets are prone to them. The only time my dogs have ever gotten them surgically removed was one very near the anus which would have been problematic if it had grown, and one which started bleeding and seemed like it was changing. Every other lipoma my vets have advised to leave alone.

  4. daybyday Says:

    Wow. How sly of that vet. Good job with those questions!

  5. Kris H. Says:

    OMG! My dog has several of these…every time we take him in, the vet assures us that it isn’t hurting him and that it can stay just where it is (I heart our vet!). He has one right next to his groin now, that has gotten quite big. Again, the vet said it wasn’t hurting anything. He said we should only become concerned with that one if he can’t pee because that would mean it is pushing into his groin and cutting off the flow…but otherwise it is all good.

    Good for you standing up to the vet like that…you are my hero!

  6. fern Says:

    I do think getting an animal's teeth cleaned at least once every few years is important, or the teeth can decay as they get older and put them in a lot of pain.

    If they have to anestetize the animal for something else, then it is a good time to d a routine teeth cleaning as a preventative measure. I think it's $$ well spent.

    Vaccinations, on the other hand, for a cat that is indoors only, is not, and i have fought many vets over that matter. Many will refuse to see your animal if it is not up to date on vaccinations.

  7. boomeyers Says:

    My vet wanted about $167 for a teeth cleaning.
    I have a beagle with a cyst. Just common. She did the same thing and just checked the fluid... no biggie, leave it alone.
    Time for a new vet, eh????

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