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July 20th, 2006 at 05:41 am

Okay so here is the question I have been pondering for the last couple of days. If I was more organized would I have more money?

I was thinking about it and I would assume yes.

I would know exactly what I had, and what I still needed. I think that often (even though I am frugal) I get wrapped up in the need to consume. Doesn't it seem as a society we can never have enough things? We have so many choices there is never just one type of crackers, there are hundreds of different ones to choose from, never just one cleaning product, but hundreds of different ways/types of cleaners.

Every think about that when you are grocery shopping? Standing there not only comparing prices but looking at all the damn varieties. How can a whole aisle be devoted to chips, how can there really be that many variations?

Okay so here is my next challenge, stop with constant consuming of unnecessary things and get myself organized. I have so much I don't even know what I have.

Here is the link, to take a look at my pantry, closet, vanity and desk.

I know disgusting, so now I am going to try to walk the line between need and desire. And it is a very thin line! I don't want to miss out on bargains especially when it comes to stock piling my non-perishables and going to yard sales. But I don't want to consume so much I am overwhelmed and just plan loaded down with things.

Anyone else have this problem?

4 Responses to “Unorganized?”

  1. ima saver Says:

    I took the quiz and got a 90. I knew I missed #13 and knew the correct answer, but I do not like automatic bill paying. I like to do my own.

  2. Lady Jennelle Says:

    I'd say yes, that being organized "does" help the finances.

    Because, as you said ... it helps to keep you from buying things that you already have but just can't find [so you don't remember that you have them.]

    I've done that waaaay to often. *lol*

  3. Carolina Bound Says:

    Sometimes really organized people spend more. I have a friend who buys containers for everything. When she decides on a new system, she gets new containers. Also, she never throws away anything -- just gets more containers. Oh yes, and labels, and labeling devices, and shelves to put all the containers on.

  4. Champion Cheapskate Says:

    Being organized helps you stay focused on what's truly important. What's truly important to you. . . now that's another question

    Good luck Smile

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