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Grocery Journal

July 17th, 2006 at 02:33 pm

Well I am going to do it. I have decided to keep a grocery journal paying special attention to items that go on sale.

On top of my regular grocery shopping I am going to try to get those sale items that each grocery store has to draw you in. I will plan my errands around the different grocery stores in my town. I figure probably after a year of doing this I will start to see some real savings. I am hoping to have a large enough stock pile of non-perishable goods(food, cleaning, and personal items) that I will only have to shop the sales.

The only problem I can see with my plan is that I am not stock piling perishable goods. I debated whether to get an extra freezer, but we really don't eat much meat so I have room in my freezer in my kitchen for any frozen veggies or fruits. And I am afraid if I stock pile some meat what happens if the electricty goes out. I hate the thought of all that meat spoiling. So I am still undecided about that aspect.

If you want to see my purchases for today you can log on at http://toysonsale.clubmom.com/toys_on_sale/2006/07/channel_8...

1 Responses to “Grocery Journal”

  1. LuckyRobin Says:

    You can buy potroasts on sale, cut them up into chunks, cook them up and can them in jars with broth. Then even if the power goes out, they won't go bad.

    You can also can salmon that way when it goes on sale during the summer.

    Freezers will stay cold for 72 hours during a power failure as long as you keep them shut.

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